Can I bring my baby to the postpartum series?


Even though this is not a mommy and me class, Non mobile babies are always welcome! Bring a mat or blanket for them to lay on while you are working out. This class is focused on mom.

Can I bring my toddler or older child to the postpartum series?

This is class for mom to focus on herself. Older children are welcome if they are independent enough to sit in the kids area and play/watch TV for an entire hour. For safety reasons, it is not recommended that toddlers come due to the fact that we will be lifting weights and using barbells. 

The kids area is stocked with toys, a TV, a couch, and a play table. It is attached to the gym, but also has direct access to the outside door.

How long are the postpartum classes?

The postpartum series run for 60-90 minutes, twice a week for a total of 4 weeks.

Our MomFit classes are designed to provide expecting moms with a safe place to exercise alongside a certified Birthfit Coach. These classes focus on preparing moms body for labor and delivery as well as cultivating a community among pregnant women.

What fitness classes are available during pregnancy?